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Custom Services

Live Edge Cedar bar with a hand layed table top resin finish. Cedar and cypress design!

Commercial Grade Tiki Bars

At Top Notch Tables our bars are classified as outdoor furniture. Our bars do not require permitting unless electrical or plumbing is added! rritt Island Florida and we serve all of brevard country. 

Why go to the bar when you can get your very own built? Our bars are top notch in every aspect and each one is truly one of a kind! 

We build our own frame work, we source our own materials, we use high end exterior grade hardware, and we never sub any of our work out.

At Top Notch Tables we are constantly searching for high grade slabs of wood. Cedar, Cypress, Maple, Pine, and reclaimed woods! We source cypress wood from the southern swamps, huge cedar trees from the mid west, and various reclaimed woods from the smallest backyard mills. All of our products are brought back to our main location in Merritt Island Florida to be dried and properly staged for future projects! 

 In addition to custom Milled live edge slabs, we also hand make custom slabs. These hand made slabs are made from various exterior grade woods. Our craftsmen are old school. We use hand planers, joiners, wood clamps and titebond wood glue to hand make every one of our custom ordered wood slabs. 

Our bars here at Top Notch Tables are truly built to last. The largest bar we have ever built withstood 150 mph hurricane force winds! They are very heavy duty and should be built in the exact location for proper use. Need to move a bar anytime after we build it? We have that covered as well, give us a call for easy worry free disassembly and reassembly. 

At Top Notch Tables our bars are classified as outdoor furniture. Our bars do not require premitting unless electrical or plumbing is added! 

We can also build our bars with custom roof structures coming right through the bar itself. Our bars with attached roofs are built on a heavy duty decking system with fork lift slots so businesses/homeowners can move these massive bars anywhere anytime! From the beach to the backyard, these outdoor bars are a massive hit ! 


Outdoor Grade Cabinetry & Bar-tops

For a clean cut outdoor bar, our recommendation would lead you to our weatherstrong outdoor cabinetry. We are a licensed dealer for weatherstrong and we pass the dealer discounts directly to the customer. 

Match these outdoor grade cabinetry systems  with a stone countertop and stainless steel outdoor grade appliances. What you will get is a  custom outdoor summer bar built to last for years to come! 

These particular outdoor grade cabinets are truly top of the line. Fully made in the USA right here in Florida, constructed with 3/4 inch poly board, adjustable lower legs, stainless steel door hinges and drawer glides. These outdoor grade cabinetry systems are built to last In Florida’s harsh weather 365 days a year with very minimal maintenance.

Contact us today to schedule a free design appointment and receive a competitive detailed price breakdown! 


Interior Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Our team at Top Notch Tables & General Construction takes tremendous pride in our custom interior cabinet-countertop installations. We will meet with you on site to design your new dream project together as a team. After our initial meeting we will take our measurements and run them through our special design program to provide you with a lifelike 3-D model of your new dream project. 

These build outs are often located in the kitchen, bath, or living room making them the main focus points within the customers house. With that in mind, we always take our time on these builds to assure they turn out exactly as the customer requested. 

We will treat your house like it’s our very own, helping clients dreams come true one project at a time! 

Main office is located in Merritt Island, Florida. Serving the entire space coast with top notch craftsmanship and customer service

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